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Customized Memorial Services for Pets
Celebration of Life & Memorial Services for Your Pet

Peaceful Endings for Pets is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Murschel, Funeral Celebrant / Spiritual Director, theSabbathCandleHands first of his kind in the Chicago area.

Traditionally, a pet is euthanized after an illness, and that’s the extent of it. The pet parents are left to deal with the stages of grief over the next weeks or months all alone.

But in this case, celebrating pets’ lives with a ceremony helps tremendously with closure and the grief process. It’s another way to honor the pet’s life and all the joy and unconditional love your pet has given to your over the years.

A service can occur before a pet passes, right before euthanasia, or even sometime afterwards. Services can be formal or informal, be religious or spiritual, can include many family members or just the immediate family, can be joyous or solemn, have a slideshow of pictures, a remembrance of the pet through stories, candles/music, a small gathering before spreading the ashes, or even a release of biodegradable balloons containing some of your pet’s ashes.

Michael can meet with you and customize a memorial service for your pet, even if you are unsure about what you want. He has many ideas and after getting to know you and your pet, he can come up with the perfect memorial to celebrate your pet’s life.

Read more about Michael below.

Dr. Kari

dogcatbandwCaring Farewells

Your pet shares your life, your home, your lap, perhaps your bed, even your food, always your heart. That’s why, when your pet passes away, your grief can be utterly overwhelming. What you need most at this difficult time is affirmation of their life, reassurance, and closure.

That’s where I come in.

If you are facing this time in your life, or know someone who is, please know that I am here to provide memorial or celebration of life services designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Depending upon your needs, I will:

  • Meet with you and your family to hear the life story of your pet, the love you shared, humorous things they did, special times you had together.
  • Design and preside over a service for your pet, with sensitivity, compassion, dignity, understanding, and a personalized eulogy retelling your wonderful memories of them.
  • Provide a special service as they are laid to rest or their ashes are scattered.

Please let me know how I may be of service.scattering-ashes-at-sea

Michael Murschel, SD
Funeral Celebrant | Spiritual Director


or contact Dr. Kari at Peaceful Endings for Pets / 630-205-4275

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