by Dr. Kari Trotsky
Peaceful Endings for Pets

Today, I simply want to share just three of the many cards, texts, emails, and letters I receive after I help a pet pass peacefully at home. These kind words mean the world to me and provide confirmation everyday that even though what I do can be emotionally difficult for me, I have a gift. I find it very fulfilling to help pets and pet parents at a time when they need me the most.

Dear Dr. Kari, _MG_9267
It’s been 4 days since you provided such a compassionate, peaceful passing for my beloved dog Max and I will be forever grateful. Although it was extremely difficult to make that call, I knew it was the right decision after speaking with you. Your calm, soothing voice, explaining every detail, was immeasurably reassuring. I so appreciated your willingness to be on the floor with Max, despite any discomfort you may have experienced. You made his passing a treasured moment of bonding that my family was able to share with you. I was especially grateful for the hug you gave me before you left, as I felt it to be truly genuine and heartfelt. Thank you again, from all of us. You are absolutely an “angel of mercy.”
In sincerest gratitude,

Hi Dr, Kari,
My husband and I just wanted to thank you again for making such a traumatic event as peaceful as it could have been. We wouldn’t have wanted to say goodbye to our precious Neo any other way – or with anyone else. Your presence is calming and we so appreciated your kindness, understanding and patience. Everything about you was just perfect… and you can’t teach that.
Hopefully, it will be some years before we see you again, but know that we will think of you often for what you gave us.

CatOldDogFriendsDr. Kari
I just wanted you to know that I am so thankful for the way you helped Andy and helped us with something so difficult. You are so compassionate, gentle, and sincere.  It helped my mother greatly to see how lovingly everything was handled and how peacefully Andy was relieved.  It helped me so much too.  I know it must tug on your own heart and emotions each time you help a family, but I know you are a true blessing to many people and animals, as God has given you this strength to do so. We are so thankful.
Love to You,

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