Hospice or Heaven?

Let’s face it, your pet is as much a part of your family as every person under the roof. They grow old and get sick, just like you and me. After years and years of love, you want to make comforting end-of-life decisions. bb396523-2694-4a1f-b4ca-e01e66c92291

Hospice care is a unique approach to your pet’s end-of-life needs. 

This specific type of veterinary care is focused on the comfort of your pet, not at finding a cure for their disease. It is fitting if your pet has been diagnosed with an incurable illness or if further therapy options have been declined in lieu of comfort-oriented care. The goal is to manage the symptoms, focusing on comfort and maintaining the pet and family bond.
Hospice care requires a passionate client-patient-doctor relationship. Education about your pet’s medical condition and what you can do to help are the most important aspects of hospice care.  
You need to know what to expect in those last few weeks, days, and hours in order to make the best decision for you, your pet, and your family. Although we cannot know with 100% certainty, we use our medical knowledge to help you make those decisions. We assist you in implementing a plan that will meet your pet’s needs and respect your family’s wishes.


  • Education about the end-stage process
  • Diagnosis and prognosis
  • Pain management
  • Developing a comfortable environment
  • Nutritional needs
  • Management of non-life threatening conditions
  • Bandage and wound care

Before you prepare yourself to send your pet to heaven, consider continuing the relationship with hospice care. We would love to spend our time helping you extend your time with your pet.

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