ClayPawFEES – for At-Home Euthanasia and Hospice

[Current as of 10/01/19]

AVAILABILITY: We operate 7 days a week with flexible appointments (not overnight). We can often accommodate day before or same day requests, it just depends on our schedule that day.

We do not have extra fees for holidays, nights, weekends, because we don’t feel that you should have to determine the right time to say goodbye based on what is less expensive. Our fees cover our professional expertise, the cost of operations including drugs/supplies/license fees/vehicle maintenance, and cremation options. We feel our prices are fair so we do not provide discounts.

If we take the pet afterwards, the pet will be cremated at Hinsdale Crematory and Animal Cemetery in Willowbrook, IL. They offer private cremation where the pet is cremated alone and you receive only that pet’s ashes, and memorial cremation (the pet is cremated with other pets and the collective ashes are scattered at the Hinsdale Memorial Pet Cemetery in a dignified way). If you wish to bury in their cemetery, please contact them directly.

If you decide to keep your pet, you may. If you choose this option, we assume you will either bring your pet to a crematory on your own, or bury your pet in a suitable location. A euthanized animal will contain pentobarbital (euthanasia solution) in its tissues for a while. Please make a note – if animals dig up the remains and ingest them, they may also ingest the solution. There are fines for causing the death of certain wild animals, especially endangered species.


Euthanasia Fee Schedule

* Chicago and Lake County residents - add $35 to price.
Weight of PetEuthanasia Only (1)
1-25 lb$335
26-50 lb$345
51-75 lb$355
76-100 lb$365
101-125 lb$375
126-150 lb$385
151-175 lb$395
176-200 lb$405
Over 200 lb$415


(1) Euthanasia only (we do not take the pet with us afterwards).

Euthanasia and Memorial Cremation Fee Schedule

* Chicago and Lake County residents - add $35 to price.
Weight of PetEuthanasia and Memorial Cremation (2)
1-25 lb$435
26-50 lb$450
51-75 lb$465
76-100 lb$480
101-125 lb$495
126-150 lb$510
151-175 lb$525
176-200 lb$540
Over 200 lb$555


(2) Euthanasia plus we take pet afterwards and have memorial (group) cremation performed. You will NOT receive ashes.

Euthanasia and Private Cremation Fee Schedule

* Chicago and Lake County residents - add $35 to price.
Weight of PetEuthanasia and Private Cremation (3)
1-25 lb$615
26-50 lb$635
51-75 lb$655
76-100 lb$675
101-125 lb$695
126-150 lb$715
151-175 lb$735
176-200 lb$755
Over 200 lb$775


(3) Euthanasia plus we take pet afterwards and have private cremation performed. You will receive ashes.

The best way to receive your ashes is to pick them up from Hinsdale Crematory yourself. We give them your number and they call you when the ashes are ready (typically a week). They are open 8am-5pm M-F, and 8am-3pm Saturday. They are closed on Sundays and holidays.

If picking up the ashes isn’t an option, they can be mailed special delivery for $40. Or, we can bring the ashes to you when we are in the area next (it may take weeks).


Hospice is when a pet has a terminal disease and will no longer undergo further treatment, except to make the pet as comfortable as possible until euthanasia is performed. Most sick and older pets will eventually be in “hospice” whether that term is used or not. Peaceful Endings for Pets is one of the few hospice providers in the Chicago area.

Initial consultation are for getting the pet examined, reading over medical records of your veterinarian (if present), discussing the pet’s disease and potential symptoms that may arise, and counseling the client on specific ways to care for their pet which includes pain management, nutrition, medication administration, environmental barriers, and any other ways to help the pet (acupuncture, herbal medication, chiropractor adjustments, laser therapy, etc).

  • Initial consultations are very thorough and usually take between 45-90 minutes. The cost is
    $200. Then $25 for each additional 15 minutes.
  • Follow-up consultations $105.

If your pet is not quite ready to be euthanized, and maybe you don’t have a regular veterinarian, but you want to find out ways to make him (or her) as comfortable as possible, then call for a hospice consultation today.