ClayPawFEES – for At-Home Euthanasia and Hospice

[Current as of 1/01/17]

  • No extra charge for weekends, nights, and holidays (if available).
  • All visits include a complimentary clay paw print (made on site and left with you to dry and harden for a few days) unless you decline.
  • Fees are based on your location and your pet’s weight. They have been thoughtfully and carefully calculated to provide top notch service and care focusing on the pet’s needs. There may be less expensive drugs vets can use, but I choose my sedative and euthanasia protocols based on the latest research and a collective knowledge from the experts in the field.
  • Price is only a small consideration on your choice of veterinarian. The rest relies on reputation, caring, compassion, skill, knowledge, and, sometimes, intuitively feeling that a certain veterinarian is right for you and your pet.


Euthanasia Fee Schedule

* Chicago and Lake County residents - add $25 to price.
Weight of PetEuthanasia OnlyEuthanasia and Memorial CremationEuthanasia and Private Cremation
0-20 lb$300$395$575
21-80 lb$325$420$595
81-130 lb$350$445$615
131+ lb$400$475$650
  • If you would like a special urn, click on the link for Hinsdale Crematory Urns. The cost of the urn (which will be the price stated on the website with no mark-up) will be added to your final invoice, and the ashes will be delivered to you in that urn.
  • If you would like a private viewing of your pet’s private cremation at Hinsdale Crematory, you need to make an appointment with Hinsdale Crematory and you will pay them directly.
  • Cash, checks (made out to “Dr. Kari Trotsky”), or credit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) at the time of the appointment.


Hospice is when a pet has a terminal disease and will no longer undergo further treatment, except to make the pet as comfortable as possible until euthanasia is performed. Most sick and older pets will eventually be in “hospice” whether that term is used or not. Peaceful Endings for Pets is one of the few hospice providers in the Chicago area.
Initial consultation are for getting the pet examined, reading over medical records of your veterinarian (if present), discussing the pet’s disease and potential symptoms that may arise, and counseling the client on specific ways to care for their pet which includes pain management, nutrition, medication administration, environmental barriers, and any other ways to help the pet (acupuncture, herbal medication, chiropractor adjustments, laser therapy, etc).

  • Initial consultations are very thorough and usually take between 45-90 minutes. The cost is
  • Follow-up consultations depend on the pet’s condition, and can range anywhere from

If your pet is not quite ready to be euthanized, and maybe you don’t have a regular veterinarian, but you want to find out ways to make him (or her) as comfortable as possible, then call for a hospice consultation today.